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True Traveller variants

30.06.2018 VisitKiwiCZ

We made a list of variants for True Traveller travel insurance. According to our calculations it is right now the best travel insurance you can get in Europe for your long-time travel (not only) to New Zealand. Key points:

  • high insurance limits
  • low price
  • great customer experience (over 97% on trustpilot.com)
  • almost 150 sports insured with manual work
  • you can get it for 18 months which makes it even cheaper

Note: this is the only one page translated to english right now, but soon we are launching english and german versions of our website.

True Traveller variants - all with ZERO EXCESS

VariantAreaLengthManual work150 sportsMedical limitLiability limitPrice
ValueAustralia & NZ1,5 yearYesYesŁ2,5MŁ1MŁ498 (€558)
ValueWorld without USA/CAN1,5 yearYesYesŁ2,5MŁ1MŁ596 (€668)
TravellerAustralia & NZ1,5 yearYesYesŁ5MŁ2MŁ581 (€651)
TravellerWorld without USA/CAN1,5 yearYesYesŁ5MŁ2MŁ701 (€785)
Traveller PlusAustralia & NZ1,5 yearYesYesŁ10MŁ2MŁ663 (€743)
Traveller PlusWorld without USA/CAN1,5 yearYesYesŁ10MŁ2MŁ807 (€904)
ValueAustralia & NZ1 yearYesYesŁ2,5MŁ1MŁ363 (€407)
ValueWorld without USA/CAN1 yearYesYesŁ2,5MŁ1MŁ424 (€475)
TravellerAustralia & NZ1 yearYesYesŁ5MŁ2MŁ441 (€494)
TravellerWorld without USA/CAN1 yearYesYesŁ5MŁ2MŁ519 (€581)
Traveller PlusAustralia & NZ1 yearYesYesŁ10MŁ2MŁ523 (€586)
Traveller PlusWorld without USA/CAN1 yearYesYesŁ10MŁ2MŁ610 (€683)
ValueAustralia & NZ6 monthsYesYesŁ2,5MŁ1MŁ256 (€287)
ValueWorld without USA/CAN6 monthsYesYesŁ2,5MŁ1MŁ300 (€336)
TravellerAustralia & NZ6 monthsYesYesŁ5MŁ2MŁ304 (€340)
TravellerWorld without USA/CAN6 monthsYesYesŁ5MŁ2MŁ359 (€402)
Traveller PlusAustralia & NZ6 monthsYesYesŁ10MŁ2MŁ353 (€395)
Traveller PlusWorld without USA/CAN6 monthsYesYesŁ10MŁ2MŁ421 (€472)
ValueAustralia & NZ3 monthsYesYesŁ2,5MŁ1MŁ172 (€193)
ValueWorld without USA/CAN3 monthsYesYesŁ2,5MŁ1MŁ202 (€226)
TravellerAustralia & NZ3 monthsYesYesŁ5MŁ2MŁ203 (€227)
TravellerWorld without USA/CAN3 monthsYesYesŁ5MŁ2MŁ236 (€264)
Traveller PlusAustralia & NZ3 monthsYesYesŁ10MŁ2MŁ231 (€259)
Traveller PlusWorld without USA/CAN3 monthsYesYesŁ10MŁ2MŁ272 (€305)
ValueAustralia & NZ6 monthsNoNoŁ2,5MŁ1MŁ194 (€217)
ValueWorld without USA/CAN6 monthsNoNoŁ2,5MŁ1MŁ229 (€256)
TravellerAustralia & NZ6 monthsNoNoŁ5MŁ2MŁ233 (€261)
TravellerWorld without USA/CAN6 monthsNoNoŁ5MŁ2MŁ278 (€311)
Traveller PlusAustralia & NZ6 monthsNoNoŁ10MŁ2MŁ274 (€307)
Traveller PlusWorld without USA/CAN6 monthsNoNoŁ10MŁ2MŁ330 (€370)
ValueAustralia & NZ3 monthsNoNoŁ2,5MŁ1MŁ136 (€152)
ValueWorld without USA/CAN3 monthsNoNoŁ2,5MŁ1MŁ157 (€176)
TravellerAustralia & NZ3 monthsNoNoŁ5MŁ2MŁ158 (€177)
TravellerWorld without USA/CAN3 monthsNoNoŁ5MŁ2MŁ186 (€208)
Traveller PlusAustralia & NZ3 monthsNoNoŁ10MŁ2MŁ181 (€203)
Traveller PlusWorld without USA/CAN3 monthsNoNoŁ10MŁ2MŁ215 (€241)


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